Custom Laser Engravings

In-House Custom Laser Engravings. Personalize your Purchase! 


 Want to give your items the personal laser engraved touch that they deserve?

 We all remember the days where you used to take a marker to either add a name or unique identifier. Everyone from your favourite toy story character Woody to your friendly neighbour's down the street have been adding a personal touch to their favourite belongings and items. Sometimes it is for if they happen to get lost. Other times it is for the customization and sophistication that is unique to YOU. No matter the reason, custom engraving is an awesome idea that can significantly improve any item. Especially a gift!


 Are you creative and would like to show it? Check out some laser engravings we've made in the past!


engraved water bottles

engraved insulated bottles

engraved insulated bottles


Our engravings range from logos, names and even extremely detailed pictures. We are able to engrave most of our items, those ranging from simple water bottles to big Ice Boxes. The sky is the limit with custom engravings, you can let your creativity go crazy though if you don't require any fancy logos or pictures we can also write simple but detailed messages for any occasion if you so desire. Pricing depends on the size of the engraving and the object you want to customize.

Contact us for more information. We would love to assist you in choosing the best custom laser designs!